A safe, natural, preventative therapy addressing health imbalances before they become more serious.

Acupressure techniques and relaxing massage on the feet re-activate and stimulate the body’s own healing ability.

Most conditions respond well to reflexology.

Benefits include:

  • Pain and stress relief
  • Improved sleep, energy and circulation
  • Stabilised blood pressure
  • Stronger immune system
  • Elimination of harmful toxins

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Vertical Reflex Therapy

Developed in the 1990’s by Lynne Booth, VRT is a profound reflexology technique which briefly treats the dorsal foot and hand reflexes while in a standing/weightbearing position. VRT enhances conventional reflexology treatments, and may accelerate the healing response of the body.

Maternity Reflexology

Maternity reflexology is tailored to care for the mind and body of mum and baby, helping to harmonise, energise and balance.

Regular treatments can help to promote good health, reduce stress levels, eliminate minor discomforts, and allows mum-to -be to feel pampered and relaxed.

Adapted ReflexTherapy

A non-invasive technique, particularly effective for chronic pain, whiplash, stiffness and immobility.

Adapted ReflexTherapy may help with a lasting reduction in pain, with improved mobility.

“AdRx can be a gateway to regaining a physically and emotionally satisfying social and working life.”
Gunnel Berry, Course tutor