Healing is a gentle therapy that works to restore good health through balancing and harmonising mind, body and spirit, promoting the body’s own regenerative, self-healing ability.

The only person who can heal you is you!

In the same way that no-one else can eat for you or smile for you, you are the one with the ability to heal yourself.

Someone trained as a healer acts as a healing channel, connecting you to the
universal healing energy.

Healing is effective for humans and animals, and is complementary to orthodox medicine, working in cooperation with medical professionals and vets, who always
retain full responsibility for the patient. Currently, Healing is
accepted by the British Medical Association, and patients have a right to request healing.

Healing treatments take place fully-clothed, seated or lying down, and can be given with or without touching the patient.

Reiki and Natural Healing are very relaxing and especially beneficial in easing stress.

Domancic Method Bio Energy Healing

Developed over 35 years ago by Zdenko Domancic in the former Yugoslavia, this highly effective healing method has undergone extensive scientific research in Slovenia, and at Stanford University, USA.

Theta Healing

With growing scientific evidence that negative emotions can contribute to disease, and that our emotions, feelings and thoughts can have an influence on our physical health, there is an increased interest in techniques that can remove negative emotions, replacing them with positive, beneficial ones.

ThetaHealing is one such technique- a powerful healing process utilising the Theta brainwave state and Kinaesiology to free you from negative emotions and beliefs.