In the Workplace

Forward thinking companies recognise the potential of health and well-being programmes to contribute to a happier, healthier, more productive workforce.

Better teamwork, improved staff retention and loyalty, and less absenteeism leads to increased profit.

Well-aware Therapies provides therapy sessions and classes in the workplace – making it easy for employees to take advantage of programmes that reduce the effects of stress, help them cope with uncertainty and change, and take responsibility for their own health.

As little as 30 minutes a month can make a difference.

Individual treatments: Reflexology or Energising Acupressure Massage, combined with dietary and stress management advice.

Group relaxation classes: introducing scientifically proven
breathing and meditation techniques to reduce the stress response and teach effective coping strategies.

Employer benefits include:

  • Addresses two primary causes of absenteeism – stress and back pain
  • No capital outlay, minimum disruption
  • Increased productivity
  • Fast, immediate results – within 30 mins
  • Happier, revitalised workforce
  • Commitment to staff welfare improves morale

Contact Helen for a free demonstration of energising Seated Acupressure Massage, and to arrange a trial period of visits for staff to experience the benefits.